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Book 6 in the Pam of Babylon series.

A beautiful life at the beach is marred by secrets and lies as the legacy of Jack Smith's debauchery continues to haunt his widow, Pam. The Tao of Pam finds Pam at a crossroad which will take her to the next phase of her life. Her children, Brent and Lisa move on, dealing with their own life choices, as one by one, they all come down off their pedestals. The Tao of Pam prepares fans of the Pam of Babylon series for Book Seven. In memoriam. 

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Pam of Babylon (Book 1)

As Christine Solo wipes a lone tear from her face, she whispers the words; “See You at the Crossroads” to her estrange mother as she is leaning over her casket. Christine has not seen her mother in ten years. That is because at the age of nineteen, she discloses her sexual preference to them; and as a result, Christine is ostracized from her family, as well as the family wealth, and the family name; Solo Pharmaceuticals. After much persuasion from her brother Jase, who is Christine’s only true alliance, she returns home to attend her mother’s funeral. While there, Christine struggles with absolving the people from her pass as well as finding closure with her mother. See You at the Crossroads is a deep exploration about one person’s life and the courage to go against the grain, as well as having the fortitude to whether the judgmental overtones, the whispers, the criticisms, and the stares all in the name of self-preservation.

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Do you like to read inspirational fiction? Do you believe that people who have loved and lost can find true love again, that a hurting heart can heal, and that God's love will see you through difficult times? If so, you'll enjoy reading Love Is Everything.

It's the story of thirty-five year old Vanessa Dennison—a woman struggling to find joy in life after losing her parents in a tragic accident. But after reluctantly accepting a blind date with Elliott Reeves, a handsome widower with a strong faith and young daughter, she is encouraged to embrace anew her relationship with God and the power of love.

Sweet and emotional, this tale of rediscovering love, faith, and hope is sure to touch your heart. It's a must read for anyone who's ever loved and lost, especially those still reluctant to open up.

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Born in Canada to Greek immigrant parents, Elly has dedicated her life to raising her daughter, Nena. As she reaches her teenage years, however, Nena's desire to reconnect with her father intensifies and she desperately begs Elly to let her visit him in Greece. Nena has never understood her parents' separation and simply cannot fathom her mother's less than enthusiastic attitude toward a father/daughter reconciliation.

Nena's need to see the father she barely knew forces Elly to confront her painful, and often complicated, past. Growing up in a tight-knit – but often suffocating – Greek immigrant community, the adolescent Elly often clashed with her intensely conservative parents. The customs and moral values of the Greek minority lifestyle that her parents forced her to observe left Elly feeling trapped in an identity she could never truly call her own.

Then she meets Perry, a handsome Greek immigrant with whom she is instantly smitten. As a teenage bride, Elly welcomes the chance to escape her parents' rigid household. However, as Perry's patriotism and obligations come to light, Elly quickly discovers that she has simply traded one form of frustration for another.

Her marriage to Perry rapidly dissolves, leaving Elly a single mother and more resentful than ever of her Greek heritage. But will her daughter's desire to reconnect with her father lure Elly back to Greece?

Enjoy this heartwarming tale of Elly's struggle to find her place in the world.

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Amanda Marcella awoke in a small, secret room, and wondered where she was. Confused, the last thing she remembers is going to her car in the underground parking lot at work. Amanda had always desired the simple life. She married Richard, a hometown boy, just returned from Vietnam, and moved to a small town in Georgia. Sheltered within her marriage, she escaped the pressures of society. However, the outside world has a way of creeping in, and after the attack on the Twin Towers, Richard regressed, spending most of his time in the garage smoking pot and listening to loud rock music. Amanda struggled to keep her marriage together, but found out Richard was growing and selling marijuana, and made a choice to leave. After losing everything, she moved to Florida and rebuilt her life. Still, even with a new job and apartment, she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching. Now, her worst fears have come true. Who has taken her and will someone will find her before it is too late?

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