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The Mayan Calendar was wrong. Nostradamus did not see this one coming…

From the wilderness of Afghanistan, 
a child of an ancient legacy of watery dreams 
and an apocalyptic destiny appears.

With the End of Days at hand,
 Safiya's message is poignant:
 There is a price for serendipity…

Jalalabad, Afghanistan–2092 AD. Lieutenant Eleanor (Ellé) Kilian of the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion wants three things out of life: to enjoy a successful military career, to marry the love of her life, Ralph Shaw, and to adopt one of the war orphans.

During a security sweep of the military base, Ellé and her Marine Corps Unit rescue a lost child named Safiya and are caught in the concussion wave of a roadside bomb. Miraculously, they survive. Entangled in her psychological war trauma and her imaginative world for a better life, Ellé makes a rash, career-ending decision by adopting Safiya. Then, anomalies with the child begin surfacing.

Ellé must make a bittersweet decision about Safiya, the Samrajni of Pemako.
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What if who you are is kept secret from you just to keep you alive? This is the plight of young, orphaned Shion, first born during the time of Ancient Lemuria, for one purpose… Now lifetimes later, the secret blood running through her veins has awakened her to a final, heart wrenching and harrowing journey to seek out the Forgotten Knowledge, kept by dragons, thought to have been eradicated long ago. With her secret now revealed, she is sought by the Dark One, manifested by the Church, which is determined to kill all like her. Will Shion allow the handsome stag hunter, Ryven Blackmore to protect her even though she does not trust him? Will she find the Gypsies; the only ones who can help her understand her magic ability with the horse to pass its tests and learn the secret it possesses? With the assistance of her new found coven of young witches, her heart and determination will be challenged, bringing her and them to the very brink of death and back as they unravel the secret kept by the horse and the dragon; the dark secret of Dragonhorse.

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An elusive serial killer. A sharp-shooting female detective. A suspect with an unusual ability.

Susan Claw is a no nonsense, straight-talking homicide detective with a dark side and a penchant for licentious sex. But when a serial killer starts murdering his victims in the bedroom, Susan’s carnal cravings take a nose dive.

She has witnessed horrific murder scenes before, but nothing compares to these gruesome killings. The killer has an unparalleled lust for blood and flesh, and will do anything to satisfy his unnatural appetite.

Their only suspect, Walker, is a smart-mouthed sleaze who possesses the unique ability to body jump. He has seen the killer’s face but the truth is something the police won’t believe.

As Susan and her partner continue their investigation they’re unaware that they’re being stalked by the serial killer they have dubbed “the butcher,” who has his own special plans for Susan.

What will happen when Susan comes face to face with the butcher?

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