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This is the story of how my third life began. And how my second life ended. They’re the same thing, you know—endings and beginnings. We’re taught to believe they’re different, but in order for one thing to begin, something else must end.

Longing for a fresh start, newly divorced Das MacDermott has sold up and is moving out of the city. Before he can make his escape, however, he intercedes in an attack on a young woman, Aislinn, who follows him to his new home. Aislinn encourages Das to live his dreams and offers him both love and support in a way he has never known. But, she has a secret, and soon her erratic behaviour threatens to tear apart the new life Das is trying to build.

He has offered his perspective, so I suppose I must now offer mine. I do so not in the hope of absolution; I have no need of your approval. Once you have heard my story, you may judge for yourself, if judge you must.

Caught in the middle of a centuries-long Sidhe civil war, Aislinn uses Das to conceal herself from the wrath of her Sidhe-kin. But, Das proves invulnerable to her manipulations, and the reason why will change their lives irrevocably.

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A road trip into the Ozark mountains with her new stepfather leads Melissa to the Boone docks, where the Boone family has lived for a hundred years. She is told stories of the infamous Hatfield and McCoy feud, and learns firsthand about outhouses, long-legged spiders and Bluegrass music. But when her mischievous cousins prepare their "special" sassafrass tea for her, Melissa (or Missy, as she prefers) is transported to an unknown place with a castle, a dragon and a handsome, yet peculiar, earl with a Scottish accent. She tries to dismiss this strange dream just like so many others she has had, until an encounter with a dusty old Celtic harp turns her world upside down. 

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