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Jilly Langlan’s suspenseful debut novel introduces readers to Dr. Ian Bennett, newly minted vampire. Sexy, smart, and successful, Bennett is also single, focusing on his work at a major Chicago hospital and struggling to keep his vampire tendencies in check. His life is about to get far more complicated. 

His patient, Audrey Winslow, is attacked by a vampire, and the vampire dies. Winslow’s powerful position as CEO does not prepare her for the realities of cancer or vampires – yet now both are coming to get her. Moreover, all of Chicago is in danger. Vampire Matthew Janic, backed by the Great Lakes Vampire Coven, is running for mayor and will stop at nothing to help vampires gain control of the city. 

Winslow and Bennett’s journeys of self-discovery elevate this seemingly simple tale of good versus evil into a novel of courage and self-acceptance. 

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The anthology includes nine tales of supernatural suspense that promise to leave even the hardest heart wary of what may be lurking in the next dark room. 

I. Whispers From Hell 
II. Kylie's Reality 
III. Brette's Discovery  
IV. A Requiem For The Damned  
V. Princesses
VI. Night Terrors  
VII. Borrowed Time 
VIII. Into The Realm Of The Lunatic 
IX. For Everything, A Season 

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"Charlotte wasn’t the only person I’d ever met who claimed she could control the weather, but she was the first to make it rain right in front of me while she talked me through the process."

College student Rusty Stewart planned to spend an idyllic summer break in 1980s Athens, Ga., living with his boyfriend, Hutch. But when Hutch ditches him for another guy, Rusty must navigate a broken heart through a maelstrom of outside expectations and embarrassing social spectacles.

Enter Charlotte, an enigmatic, outcast caricature of a wealthy Southern belle who communicates with ghosts and directs the forces of nature from within a fragile psychic shell. Intrigued by her esoteric offerings and desperate for distraction, Rusty begins exploring his own latent talents. But is Charlotte merely guiding a kindred spirit, or does she intend to provoke him into joining her own simmering darkness?

As their tempestuous personalities converge like gathering weather fronts, Rusty and Charlotte will either learn to master their emotions . . . or rip an unsuspecting town up by its Southern Gothic roots.

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Meet intrepid political consultant Olivia Shepherd. Born an empath, she inherited the ability to read people's emotions. Since her youth, however, she has rejected her gift-that is until an ancient time walker helps her reclaim her skill. Olivia's powers draw the attention of the Council, a secret supernatural political organization. When Olivia accepts an assignment to run a high-profile campaign, she's quickly drawn into the Council's perilous politics. A chance encounter introduces Olivia to William Ferrell, a man with his own connections to the organization. Readers who enjoyed "A Discovery of Witches," "The Night Circus," and "The Historian" will enjoy Woman King.

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