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During the summer of 2003, Sandy Maroney learned how to channel through practicing the exercises provided by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer in their book Opening to Channel.

Such meditation led her to alternative, higher dimensions populated with people and entities. After each session, she documented what transpired in these visits, 'the episodes'.

These happenings transpire in places of boundless space, unconstricted by time or gravity, so they have no beginning or end. There is no plot or story line. The leitmotiv is unadulterated "peace.” Strife is unknown in these realms.

During one of the earliest episodes, a dance troupe appears and performs. A few episodes later the troupe metamorphoses into electrified "light beings” in the form of tiny fairies, the purest embodiment of peace. Fountains are their favorite place to be, from which they often burst with unbridled joy into spectacular visual extravaganzas. Shortly after their transformation, the fairies present Ariel who will become a guardian angel and guide.

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Edmond's Visionary Path is a book showing my life through visions that includes my past, present, and future. This book shows visions reaching into the lives of everyone on earth, and how they will influence changes in our lives if we do not make changes first. It gives us advance notice concerning change in our climate, showing the American Gulf Coast, and the South China Sea freezing in the future, the Gulf Coast by 2014. The visions speak of the three major religions, and they cover parts of the Christian Bible concerning Cain and Abel, Moses, Ezra, Daniel, and the wearer of the Star of David. They cover an event that leaves Egypt, the Israelite cities, and the Temple all in waste. In one vision, there were no people in Egypt at all, and in the Israelite cities, many dead were on the ground. It also speaks about Acts chapter 29 of the Bible. I realize our Bible only carries twenty-eight chapters, but there is one lost chapter of Acts that should be there. In addition, we must be aware of the genetic rift in our human structure which was started by mistakes from the days of Atlantis. These visions also cover US Presidents, the health care plan, and whether our health care plan will cover all of us, plus mind-control testing, and how AT&T and Bell Atlantic started school programs. They also speak directly about how we may be caught unaware, that everything will not be okay the way it is, and changes must be made for what will come.

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In Awaken Our Spirit Within: A Journey of Self-Realization and Transformation, author Patsie Smith exposes the state of the human spirit. Our innate longing is to awaken from our spirit’s slumber and to live true to our spirit’s journey. Her words flow from our universal essence that we can hear and recognize with our hearts, and she conveys truth in clear, comprehensible language. Wisdom and clarity naturally become our path and our reality toward unconditional love, true happiness, and peace. The awakening and growth of our inner spirit is the key to the end of fear, ignorance, and suffering.

The author is not affiliated with any particular belief system or religion, seeking instead to offer pure and universal wisdom. She offers the truth of our divinity within to all who seek their own ultimate reality and who are on the path of inner growth toward freedom from suffering and transcendence into inner peace. She presents spirituality in the context of all areas of our practical lives and the choices we make toward transformation.

Awaken Our Spirit Within seeks to convey the crucial need to wake up to our true selves and make conscious choices on the human journey. It is only through our own individual awakening and the living of our spirit's journey that true peace, freedom and unity collectively transform our lives and world.

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The Global Tao is the perfect reading companion to anyone interested in Taoist philosophy, the Tao Te Ching and general common sense. Together with a new translation, the Global Tao also includes summarized insights, inspired essays and thought-provoking photographs. The eight essay topics are: Knowledge, Beauty, Economy, Politics, Society, People, Education, Globalization.

Darren Shi is the founder and directing tutor of The Knowledge Bank, an intellectual resource for improving public literacy and general cultural awareness. Darren's vast cross-cultural experience and precise summary skill gives readers a fresh look at the revered text of the Tao Te Ching. Fluent in English and experienced in Mandarin, Darren Shi is currently based in the multicultural city of Singapore.

Highly recommended for all sensible people ages 16 and up.

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For many years, I have translated in mundane terms some of the basic principles of Buddhism to enable corporate clients of different backgrounds and religious beliefs to access its richness. In the process, I have seen people deepen their own values and reconnect to their personal religious (or philosophical) beliefs. As a result, they have succeeded to putting their heart into communicating in a sincere, open and respectful manner. Within the work environment, they have expressed themselves in a compassionate way, while remaining effective and professional. They have managed to be themselves in a rounder and more generous way, fully receptive to the needs of their audience or interlocutors.

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Religion is not enough. Culture is not enough. Both religion and culture are important, even crucial to living a full life, but they are not enough. Choosing authenticity is the only thing that is enough. Our deepest desire is for our active lives to actually become more and more an authentic expression of who we are and who we are called to be by that Mysterious Other we call God. We long for a No BS Spirituality that changes the way we actually experience and live our lives. We need spiritual practice that facilitates that growth and transformation, and conversion of heart. It is my prayer that these reflections will respond to that longing. Read, reflect, and enjoy!

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Chances are you have read at least one book about finding higher meaning in your life, anticipating that the explanations and practices would resonate. You closed the book with hope and energy, but were ultimately left where you started.

Most self-help books have good intentions, but the information is flawed because it is dependent upon following the author’s methods based on his or her personal experiences, and not your own. But no one else has lived the dynamics of your past and present life, nor is anyone engaged in creating your unique future. Affair with the Divine invites you to share in the author’s journey; to feel her pain and her joy; to take the opportunity to draw synergistic comparisons between her extrasensory experiences and your own. From her remembrances of the grief suffered after the death of her husband to the subsequent need to travel to France and Italy, M.L. Curry’s personal stories are an invitation for you to open your mind and heart to your own greater perception.

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