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With 80+ contributions from leading experts and experienced authors, this e-book compilation from the Association of Independent Authors is a comprehensive guide to self-publishing. Learn how to succeed and avoid the pitfalls with extensive advice across various fields including marketing, sales, PR, pricing, distribution etc. We are deeply indebted to our contributors for  their knowledge, wisdom, and experience. 

This is an exciting time to be an independent (self-published) author. With you, we look forward to a promising future, when authors everywhere will have the opportunity to share their stories in an open global marketplace free of subjective hurdles.

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Veteran editor Don McNair lays out an easy-to-follow and systematic method for clearing up foggy writing—writing that’s full of extra, misused, and overused words—in this guide to producing sparkling copy that attracts readers, agents, editors, and sales. McNair explains the common mistakes made by most writers and shows how eliminating unnecessary words strengthens action, shorten sentences, and makes writing crackle with life. Containing 21 simple, straightforward principles, Editor-Proof Your Writing teaches how to edit weak verb forms, strip away author intrusions, ban redundancies, eliminate foggy phrases, correct passive-voice sentences, slash misused and overused words, and fix other writing mistakes. A superb addition to any writer’s toolkit, this book will not only make writing clearer and more grammatical, it will also make it more concise, entertaining, and appealing to publishers.

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You Can Publish Yourself and Be Successful In this book, the author explains the methods he's used to successfully publish e-book and print books which are selling better than any of his traditionally-published books. His system uses free open-source software that runs on all computer platforms to keep costs low. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started and turn you from a writer into a published author! Using This Book Introduction Why Publish with Amazon? Steps to Publishing Writing Your Book Polishing and Editing Creating a Cover Publishing on Kindle Creating a Print Layout Publishing on CreateSpace Help Amazon Market Your Books Tracking Book Sales Revising and Updating Your Books Other Publishing Platforms Resources. 

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An essential handbook for the new writer: What are your rights, what can you sell? How do you keep your copyright safe and what does that publishing contract actually say?

All aspects of your rights, your copyright, and the language used on publishing contracts today is explained clearly and simply for the publishing author.

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Enter A Future: Fantastic Tales from Asimov's Science Fiction

Lightspeed Magazine, March 2012

An anecdotal account of how one award-winning author made the transition from traditional publishing to electronic texts and her own publishing company. Helpful tips on every step from setting up a home office to becoming a best seller on Amazon Kindle.

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