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How easy would parenting be if you really understood the way your child’s mind works?

"Your child is a little scientist, working out cause and effect, logical consequences, Childhood, parenting, life, it’s all about learning and change, From birth to adolescence, the boundaries and rules change regularly.”

Parenting is not just about what is happening right now. It is about what is being programmed onto a child’s hard drive and how that impacts the rest of their life. This is not about blame; parents, good and bad, essentially do the best they know how based on their own history, attitudes, and core beliefs.

But there is even more to this. In Your Child the Little Scientist, author Denisia Hockley takes you into a little person’s mind, perceptions, and reasoning. She will show you how kids (even new babies and old granddads) think, how they interpret their world, and how this impacts on not only their behaviors but more importantly how they determine their own self-worth. This is about your kids, about you, your parents; you do not have to approve of what has happened, but understanding the why will change your life.

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