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Featured Title: Non-Fiction (Publishing & Writing)

If you would like to see your title featured on this page ie our Books | Non-Fiction homepage, please register online including the title of your book in the comments box.

With 80+ contributions from leading experts and experienced authors, this e-book compilation from the Association of Independent Authors is a comprehensive guide to self-publishing. Learn how to succeed and avoid the pitfalls with extensive advice across various fields including marketing, sales, PR, pricing, distribution etc. We are deeply indebted to our contributors for  their knowledge, wisdom, and experience. 

This is an exciting time to be an independent (self-published) author. With you, we look forward to a promising future, when authors everywhere will have the opportunity to share their stories in an open global marketplace free of subjective hurdles.

Available exclusively in the Kindle Store.

Note re browsing for titles

When browsing for books in our online Catalog, simply place your cursor over one of the three options in the Books & Mags drop-down menu ie Magazines, Fiction, Non-Fiction (without clicking) until the genre/categories drop-down menus appear. Then move your cursor to your desired genre/category and 'click' when your cursor is on the category of interest. For example, if you are searching for books in the 'Multicultural' Fiction category, only 'click' when your cursor is placed over 'Multicultural' in the Fiction drop-down menu. 

If you 'click' on Fiction or Non-Fiction on the drop-down menu, you will arrive at the homepage for each where you will find the Featured Title, for example this page/feature for Non-Fiction books. If you click on 'Books & Mags' ie the main menu, you will arrive at the main homepage and the featured title (Lion's Head Deception).

There are three Featured Titles available: on the Books & Mags home page, the Fiction homepage and the Non-Fiction homepage.


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