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Book I: Evanescence
June 25, 1995 ~ Lame Deer, Montana

Living on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Minn and Kiwi were inseparable, having shared everything since birth. The death of Kiwi’s mother changed everything the summer of 1995...

It is the Victory Day Weekend celebration for the Northern Cheyenne. Realizing how much she means to him, nine-year-old Minn professes his love to his best friend. Still grieving the loss of her mother to breast cancer, Kiwi cannot imagine a better gift than Minn's love.

Waquini, Kiwi's father, lost in quiet desperation over what to do for himself and his daughter, makes a tragic choice that changes the lives of Minn and Kiwi forever.

Ten years later, a postcard from New Orleans arrives the day Minn and his parents are leaving for California. Standing at a crossroad of his heart, Minn wonders whether he can rekindle his love for Kiwi while pursuing a full-ride scholarship at Stanford University.

With Hurricane Katrina bearing done on New Orleans, time is running out for Kiwi. Can she escape her past and start over with Minn?

Will Minn and Kiwi beat the odds against them, or will they suffer the evanescence of their love?

Book II: Nascence
June 25, 1934 ~ Key West, Florida

Though his friendship with Ernesto seemed promising, Leander Graceheart feels out of place, as if born at the wrong time. An inner demon had urged the young drifter to Key West. Before he can thumb a ride to Miami, Leander is swept away by a time anomaly.

Four days before Christmas in 2012, Lance Corporal Graceheart, a Marine sniper in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, struggles with his culpability in the death of a noncombatant. Swept up in the vagaries of another time anomaly, Leander seems cursed to drift from one pointless existence to another.

Regaining consciousness, Leander finds himself in post-apocalyptic Aotearoa. The Six–a band of self-proclaimed gods–have departed with their followers. The unexpected appearance of Leander leaves Nikau, the leader of the Maori, wondering–has one of the heretics come back? Are more coming?

Anahera, the only daughter of Nikau, is intrigued by the stranger.

Fascination turns into love, but can it survive the Maori way of life? Can Leander stop the demon from urging him to drift now that he has found true love?

Book III: Penitence
June 25, 1947 ~ Roswell, New Mexico

Father Rufus Emmanuel, on his way home to St. Theresa’s Mission in Corona, New Mexico witnesses an air crash. Rushing to the debris site, Father Emmanuel discovers a strange pilot named Menka, dying from injuries sustained in the crash. Lola, Menka's beloved, has died in the crash.

Menka has failed the mission–to time travel into the past and fix the mistakes which have made the future of humanity unbearable. Regretting the life he lived with Lola, the time traveler asks the priest to listen to his confession.

Menka dies, leaving an unwitting Father Emmanuel with the task of finishing the mission. Can the hubris of one man cross the line of time and space for one last act of folly and attempt to expunge the fatal mistakes of misguided love?

Will Divine Providence rescue Father Emmanuel from his good intention?

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A much longed-for daughter is born with hair the colour of sunlight on the river. The shock of Daria's silvery hair makes the midwife wet herself in the birthing room, an omen for the village gossip. The impropriety surrounding Daria's birth travels round the village of Gulab Ganga, as the neighbours and relatives speculate what the future has in store for such a girl. Daria grows up affected by the rumours that circulate around her beautiful village each and every time she does anything atypical of a girl of her background.

At the same time she is keenly aware of her mother Jharna Begum's atavistic fears of gossip and her fierce loyalty to traditional values. Against all odds, Daria however cultivates her own integrity.

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In a California courtroom, seventeen-year-old Nou Lee reels with what she is about to do. What she must do to survive. She reflects on the splintered path that led to this moment, beginning twelve years ago in 1978, when her Hmong family escaped from Laos after the Communist takeover. The story follows the Lees from a squalid refugee camp in Thailand to a new life in Minnesota and eventually California. Family members struggle to survive in a strange foreign land, haunted by the scars of war and loss of family. Across the Mekong River paints a vivid picture of the Hmong immigrant experience, exploring family love, sacrifice, and the resiliency of the human spirit to overcome tragic circumstances.

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See also by Elaine Russell:

"No man, however callous, can find the words he needs to justify himself to the victims of his beliefs. All reasons and excuses abandon him when forced to look into the faces of those he has tried so hard to avoid. He is reduced to a primitive and speechless state, hypnotiszd by the horror of himself and that he is the beast when there are no more beasts to kill."

'Where Are the songs of Spring?' presents an emerging dystopian vision of Cairo after the January 2011 Revolution where hopes for freedom and democracy have been crushed by the forces of continued government corruption and foreign interests. Those who fought for the 'Facebook Revolution' are on the run. A Cairo family finds itself caught up in the counter revolution and is torn apart by its own secrets and betrayals.

In a fragmented and alienating world of unsustainable rising populations, growing inequality and state control, Sabrijja and her brother Tariq struggle to survive. Exiled and haunted by the ghosts of their pasts, the two young Egyptians must find a way to reconnect and make life worth living.

The novel reaches beyond contemporary Middle Eastern politics to explore issues of freedom and authenticity of the individual in a world of growing state and bureaucratic control.

This is truly a tale for our time that asks the question: Do we now live in a post-revolutionary age – game over?

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Also by Daniel D Watkins:
The Malcotte Worms, Book 1 The Malcotte Worms Trilogy
Malcotte Hall, Book 2, The Malcotte Worms Trilogy

In the last throes of the 14th century, Islamic Spain is under pressure from Castile and Aragon. Ara, the twelve-year old daughter to the Sultan, finds herself in the center of a political intrigue when her eunuch tutor is magically transformed by the evil Wazir. Can a little girl save her friend and tutor with the help of a Sufi mathemagician.

Intertwined in a mystery of math, art and magic, Ara races to find the seven broken symmetries before time runs out? Will she succeed or will the Alhambra fall and with it all that she loves?

And will the stone lions awaken in time to help her?

This cross-cultural fantasy combines mystery and math to teach the geometry of symmetry.

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