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A 6-step solution to breaking the 'sugar suicide' habit.

Ways for you to listen to your body and learn your triggers - and how to deal with and avoid them!

Ways to feed yourself so your desire for sugar diminishes.

Information, knowledge, and inspiration to begin, and maintain your goals. (Including links to fantastic support sites and facebook groups to keep you motivated and accountable with real live people!) Plus how to deal with and even embrace mistakes.

What you will learn inside this book is not only going to get you off the sugar merry-go-round, but also important facts that the media and the medical community don't want you to know. Things you definitely need to know!

This book is not just about quitting sugar, it is about a fundamental paradigm shift in your life, thought process and attitude. Elevate yourself to a new and exciting way of living and feeling.


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Does food play a big role In your holiday? Is your holiday mindset: lots of food = good time, not so much food = bad time? Can you possibly revel in holiday spirit without overeating? You bet you can.
Holidays are filled with traditions, many of them centered around food. Holidays also mean cultural, religious, and ethnic customs that dictate certain eating behaviors. 

Although the point of holidays – any holiday – isn’t exclusively food and drink, we tend to wrap our holiday thoughts around food. What comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving dinner or a New Year’s Eve celebration? 

Food has meaning and that meaning may be interpreted differently by various religions, ethnicities, and cultures. Food also means comfort and security – something many of us look for and welcome around the holidays. 

But, nowhere is it written that food has to be eaten in tremendous quantity – that a meal has to include stuffing, two types of potatoes, five desserts, or six types of candy. That idea is self-imposed.

Holidays can Impose food challenges and often create a mindset that “gives license” to overindulging – whether it’s on food or gifts -- without immediate consequence (the consequence is often put off until the New Year when scales get much use and gym memberships soar).

The long holiday season is filled with extra opportunities to (over)eat at parties, family gatherings, and on gifts of food. A lot of holiday food tends to be high in fat, sugar, and calories -- which easily translates into higher numbers on the scale after weeks of seemingly relentless eating.

The bottom line is that holidays impose eating challenges. You can, however, enjoy your holiday food without fear of the numbers on the scale. This book is designed to give you practical and useable tips, strategies, information, and suggestions to help you enjoy your holiday food and traditions yet eat well, not feel deprived, and still fit comfortably into your jeans.

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There are so many pressures causing us to lose sleep and rest nowadays than ever before, and it should it doesn't get better unless you do something about it.

This book will point out 21 ways that can help you kick back and get that well deserved rest or relax session(s). Working or not? doesn't matter the pressures of life catch up with most of us, so dig in and see how you can RELAX now!

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Sometimes in life, a book comes along that has the power to reach out and touch readers in a personal and profound way; inviting them on a soulful journey that inspires, teaches, and motivates; persuading them to embrace the journey of life and lessons learned along the way.

Cheers to Life – True to Myself is a unique collection of meditations, compelling passages, and inspirational messages. The books’ passages gently transforms conventional ideas of life’s challenges and illustrates that when we are open and honest with “self,” such reflection opens a door to inner peace and empowers us to move forward with positive energy. Beautifully designed with grace and style, Cheers to Life - True to Myself is full of illustrations that represent wisdom, order, love, joy, and optimism. The answer you seek is here: A book that gently warms the heart while celebrating a journey of the soul. Cheers to Life - True to Myself is a special gift book that offers a midnight toast to you and your perpetual teacher: Life.

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