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The "Indigo "Butterfly is the true and inspiring story of a writer's journey of self-discovery and a yearning for her place in the world. On the eve of college graduation the author has a revealing dream that leads to an epiphany. At the same time, Desert Storm is causing a recession throughout the country. Forced to make some difficult decisions, the young woman rejects conventionality to become a nomad and follow her dream of becoming a writer. But once she begins to make her way across the continent, the writer must learn to balance the creative life that she envisions with the responsibilities of daily living.The young woman soon discovers that the outer voyage is interwoven with her inner journey to understand herself. While she is on the road, the writer encounters fellow travelers, spiritual teachers, and unique individuals who welcome her into their communities. The book chronicles the author's fifteen-year odyssey across North America as retold through vignettes culled from her journals during that time. From Seattle's lush rainforest to the mysterious islands of South Carolina, no region of the country goes unexplored in the determined writer's quest for wholeness.

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The mother-that-never-was didn't find them important enough to fight for them, and there wasn't a daddy who ever wanted them or what they stood for, because for each one of these men, these children represented a deed committed behind a loved one's back, a weakness in himself that would bring a defilement due to his unfaithfulness into his relationship that he would never own.

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I started writing this biography on the death of Hugo Chavez, living intensely with pain and everything that happened around this event.

This is a "microbiografía". Micro, because it is written in few pages, thinking of those who do not want or do not have much time to read but want to have as accurate an idea as possible about less political politician of our time, loved by many and hated and unloved by a few.

When Chavez was still alive, Oliver Stone said of him: "He has the power of a bull". When he died, he wrote: "I cry a great hero for most of its people and those around the world fighting for a place in it." Others, however, were glad for his death and are doing their utmost to erase his memory.

They may agree or not with Hugo Chavez, but certainly he was a man who developed his own ideas with courage and enormous energy.

The brief story follows Chavez from his humble origins, military training and political, ideological and political convictions, how he rose to be a folk hero, his political triumphs, the difficulties he faced, his tenure as head of government and its permanent agonizing struggle to leave this world after having experienced what Unamuno called "the tragic sense of life".

This microbiografía might be controversial for some, perhaps many. But I'm sure that at the end of your reading, you will have grasped why Hugo Chavez wowed crowds and drew worldwide attention as few politicians have done throughout history. 

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