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Growing up is tough for Conor Kelman. The ghost that came with the pawnshop guitar watches his every move. He not only has a perfect older brother, but the girl he planned to be with forever cheated on him. He is given the chance to start over and change his life when he starts high school in a new town. Conor wants to fit-in, feel normal. He is attracted to friends that are far from the type his eighth grade teacher recommended. They take him on a roller coaster of bizarre, behaviors and events. He is riddled with doubt, guilt, and grief. Parties, girls, clothes, and money do not quench the fire that gnaws his insides. They cannot stop loneliness, hurt and guilt. He dreams of Wylina, the girl that hurt him. Are Gabbie and Red, a guitar and ghost destined to be all that he has to call his own? Can music that runs through his veins bring him the happiness he searches, or will life pass by like a merry-go-round? 

See Book I in the Running Nowhere trilogy: Among the Jimson Weeds.

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Conversations on the Bench is inspired by actual conversations and lessons learned from a man named Sebastian who was one of the leaders of the in-depth think tank Thinking Outside the Boxe.

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St. Agnes' Place deals with the lives of those affected by child sex trafficking in the United States. It also addresses the pain of betrayal and learning how to love again. It is told through the eyes of Shawnsy Stevens, a newly-divorced thirty-something who finds herself accepting a job at St. Agnes'; a place of hope and recovery for young women who are trying to leave the street life. There she meets Leelee, Keisha, Amy, Vicky and Rain. Each of these women has a story to tell, as they struggle to fight their personal demons. As the story unfolds, Shawnsy Stevens develops a strong camaraderie with the girls while falling in love with the handsome and charismatic Detective Eric McDermott. His sole mission is to rescue trafficked girls off the streets. Each of the women encounters unexpected news and setbacks, but ultimately recognizes the healing power of forgiveness. In a climactic end, they make choices that set the course for the rest of their lives. St. Agnes' Place is a place where love greets you at the door.

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