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The AiA's Honoring Excellence program serves to recognize consultants, businesses and organizations that offer and deliver exceptional products and services for independent authors. The program is administered by the Honoring Excellence Committee (HEC), the role of which is to:

  1. Identify categories for the program.
  2. Consider nominations received, review website and services offered by the nominee. Identify the category for the award for the nominee if applicable. 


Our excellence award applies solely to the category the nominee is listed under on this site. If a nominee offers additional services, but is not listed in that category, our recognition does not apply to those services. 

Self-nomination is not possible.

There are no nomination fees or fees to be paid by recipients. 

Recipients of the award are reviewed annually. Further information may be sought from recipients and we will conduct 'mystery shopper' exercises to review the responsiveness and services offered. 


If you would like to nominate a consultant, business or organization for the Honoring Excellence award, please do not hesitate to contact us. Nominations should be made based on actual positive experiences and not as a result of affiliations.