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Are you haunted by your past, unable to be the person you long to be? The core cause of your emotional, physical or spiritual problems may be unresolved issues from being raised by a GHOST MOTHER. Ghost mothers are unable to connect emotionally. You needed so much from her, and got so little. Now this reality keeps you from becoming the empowered woman you want to be. Illuminating the ghost-issues that keep you stuck will immediately help you to move beyond the pain of your past. Based on the author's healing journey, and the haunting stories of other ghost daughters, this book explores the impact of an elusive past, and provides healing strategies for embracing a visible life. 

LEARN the 6 proven ghost-busting strategies to create a life in which you are no longer haunted by the pain of being raised by a ghost mother. RECOGNIZE: the reality of your past and what your ghost mother couldn't provide. RELEASE: the pain that creates negative emotions, and damages your spirit. REFOCUS: on a strong identity that allows you to get your needs met. RESTORE: your confidence, emotional strength, and self-knowledge. RENOVATE: your perception of yourself in powerful ways. REWRITE: a new life-script using the hidden gifts of being raised by a ghost. You will have no choice, if you are willing, than to create the kind of powerful life you want. 

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It was another case of "this sort of thing happens to someone else”. Our parents were aging, although able to stay in their own home… until they couldn’t. As is usually the case, a precipitating factor made the need for change happen right now!

We needed to find a place to care for our mother almost overnight and had made few preparations. So the journey began…looking for a placement for her, dealing with family conflict, helping her adjust, making sure her estate was being handled properly, the list goes on.

There are lots of books on the market discussing these very issues; they are well-written and comprehensive. We didn’t have time for comprehensive. We needed answers as soon as possible and there was nothing out there to give us information in a quick, concise way.

We understand the importance of getting information to those of you (mostly baby boomers) who have little time to research on your own. You need a fast, effective way to find resources to help your parents achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Our resource manual functions as a guide to manage your parent's care, whether you plan to be actively engaged or need to find information about available services. 

Readers of all ages will find comfort in this compelling story of a family forced to confront a chronic disease.They will gain an understanding of Multiple Sclerosis, who gets it, and how the disease is diagnosed. Parents will find the resource list very helpful.

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