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This Side of Perfect is the second book in the Kate Harriman series, following Falling Through Trees. The story picks up one year later, after Kate and her husband, Ethan, have purchased an old, sprawling farmhouse in the quaint coastal town of Parker Pointe, Maine. Her sister, Molly, lives just a few towns away and although they tragically lost their mother, Kate’s faith was restored when she was reunited with the son she had given up for adoption years before. Yet too quickly problems in Kate's life begin to emerge: a mysterious note arrives in her mailbox, her marriage turns sour, and then the one thing that she loves most is taken away. In the end, Kate learns just how far she will go to save and be with the ones she loves, offering a surprise twist of characters for everyone.

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Also by Crystal Klimavicz:

Falling Through Trees

Albert Parker arrives in the neighborhood, bringing with him all the emotional scars and aggressive attitude a dysfunctional and abusive step-father could create. His struggle to fit in, and the stories of the other neighborhood children around him as he tries, create a fast-paced and powerful story about friendship, love and loss in the Vietnam era.

Masterfully written, Reichold Street comes to life on the pages and the reader becomes part of it all; from the whole group's coming-of-age to the searing tragedy, yet remarkable redemption of war. Contains some occasional adult language.

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The story is set among a tree-lined, middle class community, unspoiled, neighborhood friends playing safely on the sidewalks. Precisely at five-thirty, well-behaved daddies rush home to kiss their wives, and all is right with the world. The only problem is, nothing is as it seems. Secret sins and obsessions live in unseen places…in fact, how well do you know your own next-door neighbors?

Join the life of a pretty, southern misfit with the uncanny ability to read greed and lust inside those who are up to no good. But what’s a regular, young girl to do about it? With no one to take her side, her help will come from a most uncommon source! You’ll cringe and you’ll cry, but no doubt share a few good laughs along the way.

In a heartrending twist, the girl who can see what others can’t -- is herself blind to the secret that will bring her own family to its knees. Reader beware, this isn’t just another, typical Monday.

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Book I in the Gifford Ulrich series

When a fourth homeless man is murdered by the Hacker, Gifford Ulrich leaves downtown St. Louis carrying his belongings on his back and wanders into the Benoit Neighborhood searching for shelter and safety. He finds abandoned buildings and abandoned people; drunks, drug addicts, gamblers; the outcasts; the unusual, the unbalanced, and the unlucky. His job cleaning bricks leads him to discover hidden forces at work in Benoit that throw him in the middle of danger and death. To fight his way off the streets, Giff must rely on his military training, his knife, and an anger born of loss. The only way to survive the passage from tragedy to triumph is to kill or be killed.

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Also by Dan Groat:

Twenty-five years of marriage to her husband, Steve; raising three kids; and denying her own needs have left her with the extreme conviction that it is finally her turn to fly. Enter George, Steve's incorrigible father who's in trouble. Something has to be done, so George moves in with Bet and Steve. In between infidelity, resentment, and making room for George, Bet realizes what she's really been denying-and this changes everything. "We all benefit whenever another woman can poetically put into words the wordless places of a woman finding her voice and creating space amidst any type of limitation.

"I believe women can breathe a collective sigh into the space [this book] has created for us." -- Tina Karagulian, author of the memoir It Is Time and the poetry collection New Skin.

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A Punctual Paymaster travels 70 years through the secrets of the white Thanos family and the black Taylor family.

Each man tries to shepherd his part of town through the turmoil of racism, the depression, and war. With the passage of time those roles are filled by Evangelina, Nikkos' beautiful and strong-willed daughter, and T.J., the grandson who worshipped Cousin. Forty-five years after high school, two friends, Ab and Grady, return for the funeral of their mentor, T.J., and walk into the middle of a mystery. They unweave the black and white threads that are the town's concealed, troubled past, revealing a tapestry of life and death, revenge and triumph.

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When their pasts catch up with them, Peter Scott and Charlotte Gardner begin to unravel. Beth has boxed and buried away her childhood secret. When award-winning war photographer Don Meadon returns to the area to promote his autobiography, Beth has to confront the damaging effects of her abused past.

Since the death of his mum, Peter and his dad, Edward, have been exceptionally close, working together at the family carpentry business. When Edward retires to Spain and meets Fiona, Peter struggles to cope with his dad leaving him.

When Robert Armstrong arrives in the village as her temporary deputy, Charlie, head teacher of Heatherton Junior School, finds herself attracted to him. But she’s been hurt badly in the past, so when Robert tries to pursue a relationship, she is reluctant to take a chance.

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See also by Mel Morton, Perspective.

Readers who would enjoy a family drama interwoven with romance, suspense, and a touch of the paranormal will find it hard to put down Val Stasik’s break-out novel, Incidental Daughter. When successful publisher Liz Michaels’ marriage to blue blood, Addison Tiffin Payne, fails after the loss of their baby and his growing alcoholism, she pours all her creative energy and passion into her work and finds comfort in her friendships and the appearances of the spirits of her Polish mother and grandmother, who never speak except in dreams she cannot remember. Only her feelings from those dreams linger. When her ex-husband plans to stage her suicide by pushing her off the balcony of her high-rise home, he topples to his death instead. When the police arrive, the potential victim becomes the prime murder suspect. She meets Pittsburgh Police Detective Jim Shannon, who may threaten her freedom or possibly gain her love. Her swirling feelings are complicated by the simultaneous appearance of a talented, familiar-looking intern at her workplace. Internal conflict is soon compounded by external threats created by her ex-husband and his mother as well as someone seeking revenge on Shannon and his partner. Wll Liz be destroyed by this vortex, or will she use the crisis to open the door to a second chance at love and family?

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