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Featured Title: Fiction (Mystery)

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The mysterious disappearance of media mogul Connie Ross during a party on her yacht exposes a web of dark and twisted secrets. Jimmy Frail, Chief of Detectives, suspecting foul play and the potential media circus, partners a most unlikely pair of detectives. Gigi Mirabelli, a missing persons' officer, is recalled early from maternity leave to work with Harry Burns, a brilliant, but tormented homicide detective looking to restart his sidelined career.

Suspecting murder, but unable and needing to prove it, Mirabelli and Burns must first find a way to work together before they can hope to solve this perplexing crime. They first develop a working partnership of opposites and then skillfully sift through the evidence; all while walking the political and media tightrope in this high profile case.

About the Author

E.J. Chadwell grew up in the South Bronx. After a post graduate degree, Chadwell worked in print and broadcast media for a major Chicago newspaper, a national television talk show, and a local production house where she wrote script treatments and scripts for various cable networks. A voracious reader of mysteries, she is an active member of Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and Sisters in Crime.

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