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Book 1 in the E7 Prophecy series.

Before his death, St. John the Apostle spoke a prophecy, sometimes referred to as "The Second Revelation of John." The prophecy was hidden from the world to protect it from those that sought to destroy it or cast shadows over it forever. The prophecy gives account of a child who would be chosen to stand for all mankind. It foretells the coming of a great evil from beyond Earth's solar system. It speaks of a soulless army that will attempt to prevent the birth of the Chosen One. If that fails, then the enemy's mission will be to find the Chosen One and prevent her from standing on behalf of all mankind at "The Battle Between Light and Dark."

A brutal contract hit on FBI Special Agent Johnathan Sette's family leaves his life turned upside down and his newborn child missing. In order to ensure the safety of his children, he will enlist the help of the Seven Dragons family to teach them an ancient form of martial arts. Johnathan, his family, and faithful friends will hold on to their strong Christian faith as they search the world for his missing daughter, Elizabeth.

The E7 Prophecy, Christian sci-fi series, spans a 15 year period that is explored during the three books of the series, The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth. Book 1 and 2 are subtitled "The Battle Between Light and Dark," the 3rd book in the series is subtitled "Enoch."

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"Why should the name of my father be wiped from Israel like footprints in a sandstorm because he bore only daughters? " - The Promised Land - God's precious gift to the Israelites through the conquest of Canaan. But for Rizpah, the promise seemed empty; only a male could inherit land. She only has one option: to petition Moses on behalf of her self and her sisters. Despite the odds against her, Rizpah must fight for what is rightfully hers!

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Cathy was excited about Saturday. A weak storm had just passed through signaling the end of winter and she was on her way to see her fiancĂ©. The remote back country roads had only just been cleared for passing when suddenly she was skidding on the icy surface. With no survival experience at all, would the god she had ignored be there for her now?

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