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GreenBean is worried that she does not belong in her family because she is different but discovers that belonging is about something else. Her feelings about not belonging are familiar to us all. Her blind brother reminds her not to confuse appearances with their family bond. Regardless of how a family comes together, feeling different is universal. Differences are even more apparent to children who are adopted, are in foster care, and in all kinds of diverse families. Appreciating differences, nurturing uniqueness and caring for each other are important for a child's sense of belonging with family and connection to our very large world family. Ages 4-8.

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Sam and Angela learn about the tooth fairy when Angela loses her first tooth. Angela thinks there are some opportunities for the other members of the clubhouse to participate. Whoever heard of a tooth fairy for dogs? Sam and Angela lead the clubhouse dogs on a mission to make some money for their treats. They find out about their tooth fairy's rule.

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With over seventy quirky poems, Rabbit Turds is sure to tickle your funny bone. In a style reminiscent of Shel Silverstein, this book explores topics ranging from the silly to serious-- bad breath to bullying, the fear of shots to zombies. From eternally popular potty-humor that will send kids into fits of giggles to educational poems that spark interest in insects and animals, the imaginative poems in Rabbit Turds will be a treat for both young readers and those who are young at heart.

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