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Training for the Independent Author


Our program is designed to show you the steps in the (self) publication process (for print and eBook versions) so that you know how to do it all for yourself if in future you wish to be in control of the process. Some authors are happy outsourcing all or part of the process, but either way, it's ideal if you know what is involved. Our aim is to ensure you do not come away from the program dependent on us or anyone else for your future publishing needs.

This program includes advice and guidance on editing, cover and interior design, eBook formatting, how and where to upload your book for maximum distribution (print and eBook versions) with maximum royalties and control, advice on website design and development, and marketing and PR strategies specific to your genre.

This program does not include the costs of engaging a cover and/or interior designer, marketing and PR etc. We can however arrange these services on your behalf with suitable reputable providers.

If you do not have an editor, we are happy to offer this additional service. Please inquire regarding our rates. We also offer manuscript evaluation and review services, the aim of which is to make you a better writer.

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