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  • Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten ...
    by Denice Garrou on April 2, 2014 at 2:26 PM
    2016 Views - 0 Comments

    What if who you are is punishable by death? What if everything you were told was a lie just to keep you alive? Book 1 of the Dragonhorse Saga is set during ancient earth, about a young heroin groomed lifetimes for one purpose, to help Earth and save a race from enslavement. Her time has come and she is awakened by a wizard from her past, which sets her on a harrowing journey to uncover dark secrets and learn forbidden magic. She will find love in the most unusual beings and will have to experience and conquer life's greatest, most misunderstood, and magical of all lessons. Harry Potter with Horses! LOTR's meets Black Beauty and Mists of Avalon mixed in. Available on Amazon and as Kindle or go to

  • Samrajni of Pemako, Roy C Marien
    by Association of Independent Authors on March 18, 2014 at 10:42 PM
    1726 Views - 0 Comments

    Lieutenant Eleanor (Ellé) Kilian of the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion wants three things out of life: to enjoy a successful military career, to marry the love of her life, Ralph Shaw, and to adopt one of the war orphans. During a security sweep of the military base, Ellé and her Marine Corps Unit rescue a lost child from the wilderness of Afghanistan named Safiya and are caught in the concussion wave of a roadside bomb. Miraculously, they survive. Convinced her survival from the blast is an auspicious sign, Ellé makes a rash, career-ending decision by adopting Safiya. Living a quiet life on the northwest coast of Florida, Ellé's marriage and motherhood seems idyllic. Then, anomalies with Safiya begin surfacing.

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