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Author Education Key to Showcasing Work

Posted by Tom Chalmers on April 2, 2015 at 6:10 AM

In my previous blog post I talked about how self-published authors need to rise to the challenge of exerting greater control over their works to ensure they maximise all potential sales and revenue streams. Judging from the response we’ve had to the recent launch of the IPR License and The Writing Bank: Write, Learn, Earn Masterclasses, especially in the licensing and marketing sessions, this certainly appears to be happening.

How to best market and showcase titles has long been a question posed by self-published and indie authors far and wide. This obviously remains a priority for the majority, which is why the IPR License platform continues to prove so popular as an additional route to reaching a wider audience and potentially generating international interest.

The relationship between marketing, sales and licensing is closer than many writers think. Having said that, for far too long licensing and rights were often words met with quizzical expressions among the writing community. Education continues to remain vital in raising this important sector’s profile and it’s up to companies operating within this field, as well as organisations such as AiA, to carry on outlining the potential benefits when and where possible.

Being a successful indie or self-published author isn’t easy. As I’ve said a number of times, individual books in this market, as well as traditional publishing fields, should be treated as their own small business. For any small business to work it has to maximise all revenue streams effectively and efficiently.

Technology can often play a big role in this process and it’s great to see that more authors of all levels are really starting to embrace advances throughout the learning, creative, marketing, licensing and distribution process. The publishing industry can often be described as slow moving and traditional but it’s those forward-thinking indie and self-published authors who are really helping to propel the market to new heights through finding the most innovative ways to showcase and ultimately sell their works. Long may it continue.


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