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From our executive director

The Association of Independent Authors was established in 2009 in response to commentaries by those involved in publishing at that time who assured us this 'fad' would soon be over. 

Over the past several years we've witnessed a tidal wave of change that has completely erased the stigma of being self-published. In today's publishing landscape, we can be proud of our independence

As a publishing option, independence is now the first choice for the majority of authors. Authors who write for niche markets or whose work is defined in traditional publishing as 'non-commercial' have the same opportunities for their work. 

As an association that has encouraged authors to see themselves as publishing professionals and business people, we are proud of what we've achieved over the past eight years.

Leigh K Cunningham

Our MISSION is to create a culture of excellence, teamwork and professionalism in a collegiate environment where sharing and collaboration benefits each individual and independent authors as a whole.

Our vision:



will be the

preferred, first


choice, for all


The History

In 2008 for the first time in history, more books are self-published (85,468 books) than published traditionally (by publishing houses).

By 2009 76% of all books published are self-published (111,359 of total books published 146,525).

In 2011 35% of books discovered by readers in bricks-and-mortar bookstores, the single-largest site of discovery for books.

In 2012, only 17% of books are discovered by readers in bookstores. Word-of-mouth, online searches and book communities now lead to the discovery of most books.

More than 391,000 books self-published, an increase of 59% since 2011 (246,912 books) and 422% increase since 2007 (75,000 books). eBook growth 78% but print output 76% of total.

Income earned by the association facilitates the achievement of our vision, mission, goals and objectives, and is not for the benefit of any individual or other business enterprise.‚Äč

We have directors in five continents and administrators in four continents. There is not a single 'headquarters' for the AiA.

Our Directors

USA:  Stephen Windwalker (Kindle Nation),  Ron Fritsch ,  Beth Kallman Werner (Author Connections)

Asia-Pacific: Leigh K Cunningham (Executive Director)

AustraliaScarlett Rugers

South Africa: Fiona Ingram

UK: Tom Chalmers (IPR License)

Fellows (one who has rendered exceptional service advancing the standing of independent authors).