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12 stories, 12 doses of reality, 12 quirky perspectives, all strung together to reveal the glitches that curb our future plans and make us second guess the reality we’ve been so hastily shoved into. CITY, STATE, PROVINCE, DATE— Donna Thompson, local mother, retired teacher, and full-time author, has released her first anthology, titled “The Glitch Factory: Perfectly Human in an Imperfect World.” Through a compilation of short stories written with an elegant prose, Thompson defines the chaos that surrounds our daily lives by revealing the quirks and nuances that always seem to catch us off-guard. Humans are a stubborn species—we simply refuse to accept that our reality is not working in league with us. We make future plans, and then are surprised when something unexpected comes up and changes everything, imagine.

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A collection of Physiological Thrillers and intense poems. An exploration of the inner mind with both negative and positive revelations.

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This short adult novel could be about midlife crisis. It could be about art and creativity or about love, marriage, infidelity and divorce. But it's not. This is a novel about escape. Set between New York and the artists' colony of St. Ives in Cornwall, 'Portrait of a Landscape', presents two men: sculptor, Hugh Borne, and fine art photographer, Jack Rockshaw, whose creative, emotional and professional lives are in crisis. Hugh Borne has agreed to leave London to spend the winter with Jack Rockshaw's family in a desperate bid to find inspiration for a commissioned work and to distance himself from a recent divorce. Jack is in New York on a short term teaching contract where he has become helplessly captivated by the beautiful and gifted Amy Rosenberg, a psychology major at NYU. Hugh struggles to cope with the harsh Cornish winter and growing disillusionment and soon finds himself caught between Jack's affair and its impact on his friend's wife, Elise. Elise introduces Hugh to a talented, aspiring artist, Jonah. The sculptor agrees to take the boy under his wing but finds he has more to learn from this mysterious free spirit than he can teach. 'Portrait of a Landscape' explores, through its framed sections of narrative, how we are all trying, in one way or another, to escape from contemporary living. It seeks to uncover what it is we are hoping to find, how we might succeed and why we often fail. "I do everything to escape; I mean the things I want to do – the things you do so you don't spend life dying away the day. I fuck to escape, I drink, I wander, I gatecrash your class, I wander some more only to get out." If you love art and if you love life then it's time to run away...

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Thirteen sinister little tales of flash fiction to keep you awake at night, looking over your shoulder and never seeing things the same way again.

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This collection of poems and short stories captures a deeply personal journey across five years. From the depths of depression to the peaks of love and purpose.From the spectre of war, to the beauty of compassion.

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