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If you would like to nominate a website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Criteria for websites

  1. the site offers a substantive amount of free information and resources of relevance and value to independent authors. Commercial sites that offer paid services may still fulfil this criteria if, in addition to those paid services, they offer a substantive amount of free information and resources of value and relevance.
  2. this list is for the best websites for independent authors not "best independent author websites".
  3. websites that focus on the search and process of finding a traditional publisher ie the query are not considered relevant to independent authors, however agency sites that offer specific, tailored services for independent authors do qualify.
  4. award programs that are available to independent authors, but which tend to reward traditionally-published books are not included in our list. While we do not expect award programs to be exclusive to either independent or traditional authors, those that do favor the latter do not meet our criteria.