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Cover Feature this month is Promised Valley Peace, the final instalment in the Promised Valley series by Ron Fritsch

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The Glitch Factory: Perfectly Human in an Imperfect World by Donna Thompson is a compilation of eleven stories and poems that reflect the nature of our everyday life with all its quirks and glitches.

Donna has always enjoyed playing with words, their meaning and how they flow one after the other to create movement. For her, writing allows her to express how she sees human interactions, and how she interprets and elucidates the complexity and chaos that exists around us. “We are a stubborn species,” says Donna, “we constantly make plans for the future even though it is clear the universe is not working in concert with us. We’re surprised then when the unexpected happens and everything changes.”

Along with writing about our existence and people within their spaces, Donna enjoys art, architecture, photography, travel and food. She also enjoys working with others creating videos, images and stories to provoke thought and emotion that inspires self-reflection.

You can connect with Donna at her website, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter.

The Glitch Factory is available at all major online retailers including the Kindle Store.

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