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Cover Feature this month is The Maynwarings by Digger Cartwright

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Paul Keene, author of the Running Nowhere trilogy, grew up in the small rural communities of Oregon and Idaho that border the Snake River. In class, his teacher read stories like The Yearling, Tom Sawyer, Call of the Wild and Uncle Tom’s Cabin, all of which contributed to and instilled in Paul a love for nature, animals and storytelling while he appreciated the freedom that came from being able to roam the great outdoors.

Paul wanted to be a writer and remembers lying on the kitchen floor as a child writing stories on a grocery bag, but his father suggested he instead focus on a degree in teaching or he would starve. It was good advice, says Paul.

Not surprisingly, Paul’s fiction is character-driven. “They are stories of hope with a touch of the supernatural, influenced by the satirical humor of authors such as Herman Wouk and Max Shulman,” says Paul.

Paul's professional work with ADHD and special needs prompted the story of Conor Kelman, a young man coming of age in the 1950s who desperately wants to fit in, but is challenged by learning disabilities, addictive and obsessive behaviors. Conor’s story begins in Among the Jimson Weeds and continues in Between Pieces. The final instalment, Within Time (May 2014) is now available at all major online retailers.

As a teacher, principal and special-education facilitator, Paul faced the struggle inherent in learning disorders, traumas and abuse that many children experience. And as a health-care professional, he has shown many youngsters with behavioral disorders that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with them, dedicating his life to teaching them how to develop mechanisms to help them cope.

Paul’s next book, Human Experience is due for release in late fall. It is a humorous yet dramatic story which sees the main protagonist move into a run-down Victorian to sort out marital issues only to discover the house is inhabited by spirits.

This former teacher lives in Idaho with his wife, daughter, three pugs and Labradoodle. Swan Falls, Boise National Forest, recreational and camping sites, and the homes he grew up in are nearby. Connect with Paul on his website and Amazon author page. Check out the video book trailer for Within Time

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