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Cover Feature this month is GodStone Powers: Three Against the One by Kenneth Laws

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Kem Roy Neal grew up in Riverside, California where his father was an executive chef. For as long as Kem can remember, he was in a kitchen listening to those who worked for his father. Their stories bordered on the fantastical, however some years later when Kem followed in his father’s footsteps, he realized that those stories were not only very real, but a toned-down version for his young ears.

Kem trained under a certified master chef, and spent time as a private chef for Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell (the Pell College Grant). Kem is also a private investigator, and worked as a security agent for the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. This unique mix of professional careers combined to create the character Harmon Colt in Kem’s debut thriller, Cooks, Crooks and Colt.

In Cooks, Crooks and Colt, Harmon Colt was an up-and-coming LA chef until his personal life fell apart as did his career. He became a private investigator, lived in an abandoned restaurant, which he shared with his friend and former culinary arts professor, and was hired to find Zoe, a waitress who had disappeared.

Kem knew he wanted to write from the age of 14 after reading, Inherit the Wind in high-school. “Inherit the Wind is a powerful story with great characters,” says Kem, “and I knew then that I wanted others to feel the way I did after reading it, and so my writing journey began.”

“Having worked as a chef and a PI,” says Kem, “I can say without hesitation that being a chef is more exciting than being a PI, however both professions demand the same personality traits so as professions go, while they might seem at odds, they’re highly compatible, but nothing tops being a writer.”

Kem has a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University. He lives in LA where he is working on the next book in the Harmon Colt thriller series.

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