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The Clemens Medal is awarded to an author for a book of outstanding literary quality and design. 

Congratulations, Gustavo Gomez, author of Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream and winner of the Clemens Medal!

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Ron Fritsch

The US Review of Books has given His Grandfather’s House a coveted “recommended” review.

The neighbors tell Kurt his grandfather, who has been his guardian since he was four years old, committed a series of crimes to acquire his farm. In this coming-of-age novel, Kurt needs to know if the neighbors’ stories are true. The crimes they say his grandfather got away with include fraud, forgery, arson and murder.

“In a novel that touts itself as a ‘coming-of-age’ story, this book does indeed meet that description. Set in the early 1900s through 1961, it is a family story revolving around Kurt and his grandfather, Henry. It explores the history of Henry’s family including the death of his brother, Conrad. The book also explores the loss of Kurt’s parents and his growth into an 18-year-old man who is much like his grandfather. . . . While exploring other life events such as WWI and WWII, the Depression, and Kurt’s school years, the story always circles back to farm and family, both those living and deceased. The ending is both traumatic and sweet."

His Grandfather’s House . . . covers numerous issues: drowning, suicide, abandonment, homosexuality, deaths in the wars, murder, arson, forgery, politics, sinful behavior—and always gossip about these things. . . . The relationship between grandfather and grandson is a beautiful one. The various characters are well-developed, giving the reader a taste of farm life, family, and friends, both the good and the bad.”

Ron Fritsch is the author of five previous award-winning novels, Elizabeth Daleiden on Trial, another mystery set in the same place and time as His Grandfather’s House, and the epic four-book Promised Valley series set in prehistory: Promised Valley Rebellion, Promised Valley War, Promised Valley Conspiracy and Promised Valley Peace.