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Cover Feature this month is The Maynwarings by Digger Cartwright

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The Association of Independent Authors (AiA) is the peak body representing, advancing, promoting and supporting independent (self-published) authors globally.





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For most authors, writing is a solitary pursuit but not for Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey who have been writing together since they met online in 2010 sharing a common interest – roleplaying. It was through playing fictional characters in this improvised written theater environment that they recognized in each other a potential writing partner. “It was an easy transition from roleplaying to novel writing,” says Chris. “And because of our experience with roleplaying, we found it was also easy to create realistic characters for our stories.”

Born in Brazil, Chris began writing children’s stories at a young age but the next 17 years were spent in IT delving into the world of computer programming and web design. Cecilia’s earlier writing was for business publications. And despite the physical distance between them – Chris now lives in Ontario, Canada while Cecilia lives in San Francisco – they are connected almost every waking hour via phone calls and messaging. “We tend to divide the work to do by gender Point-of-View,” says Cecilia. “Chris writes the male characters and I write the female ones. We bounce chapters back and forth, adding, editing and revising as we go until we decide the chapter is finished.” It’s a method they developed during their roleplaying experience and it is clear this approach is working well for them.

Chris and Cecilia are the co-authors of several novels including the award-winning Countermeasure series, a fast-paced cybercrime thriller with an added touch of romance. Book three in the series, Alternate Connection is due for release early 2015. It follows on from Countermeasure and the second book, To Russia with Love.

You can connect with Chris and Cecilia on their website, Facebook and on Twitter. Their books are available at all major online retailers including

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